Siddharth Mallya chooses Sonam Kapoor

Siddharth Mallya might be dating Deepika Padukone but when it comes to choose Bollywood's most stylish actress, he opts for someone else. Siddharth feels that Bollywood’s most stylish actress is Sonam Kapoor.

'Most stylish actress! I think Sonam dresses pretty well, but they all doll up pretty well, but Sonam looks pretty good,' Siddharth said here at the red carpet of an award ceremony.

When asked about Deepika's style, the Kingfisher scion too praised Deepika, ''She has not got a bad sense of style either.'

But Siddharth played it safe when asked to choose the most stylish person of 2011.

'I've always actually said this that Prateik Babbar is pretty stylish. He has got his own sort of quirky sense of style. So he is pretty cool,' he said.