Siddharth goes Deepika's way, gets a new tattoo

Business tycoon Siddharth Mallya goes his girlfriend Deepika Padukone’s way. He has inked a tattoo on his nape just where his ladylove Deepika Padukone has and Sid is very excited with his new spot in his body. He posted the news and the pic of his new tattoo in twitter.

He tweeted about it and wrote, "Got a new tattoo yesterday...still on a buzz!!! Ppl say it hurts, but I love the feeling..Something really satisfying! U know what I mean?! Already had a star with two bull horns with the initials 'S M' done last year..just had it extended. Will post a pic when it heals! This was my second! Yeah, don't know now if I can stop! Haha....”

In the middle of the wings, it’s written ‘sm’ with a star in between.

We wonder if Deepika is Sid’s inspiration as the actress already got two.