Sick nurse seeks financial help from Big B

Amitabh Bachchan never shows back to the needy. He renders his help whoever knocks his door. He helped the sick nurse who looked after him when he was injured on the set of Coolie way back in 1982. The nurse named Julie and she has been suffering from serious disease for several years. Two years back when Julie seek financial help from Big B, he gave her 2 lakhs for treatment but unfortunately, not a single penny went to her as her sister and son took away the funds.

Julie is now bedridden and again knocked Amitabh’s door for help. She now stays at a home for the destitute, run by Humanitarian Transit Home. In 2008, when Julie was hospitalized, Amitabh called her, enquired about her health and wished her speedy recovery.

Julie was one of three nurses who attended Amitabh at St Philomena's Hospital in Bangalore in 1982. Julie remembered that she used to give him medicines three times a day and attended him round the clock. She ever recalled that Big B used to call her in his typical style.

As Julie is devoid of any treatment due to money crisis, she is again hoping that Big B might hear her appeal and help her to stand in her feet again.