Sick Aishwarya visits Abhishek’s nani

Despite ill health, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan paid a visit to Abhishek Bachchan’s grandmother in Bhopal to celebrate Abhishek’s 80 yr old nani’s birthday. This was a commitment that Abhishek Bachchan made to his grandmother Indira Bhaduri a while ago.

Ash did not recover fully from her illness but she has made sure that she makes Abhi’s grandmother happy. "Aishwarya is much much better, but still not 100 percent (fine). But she's my nani's favourite so she made the trip too. Should be back to fighting fit... in a day or two," Abhishek posted on social networking site Twitter.

Seeing both of them, Abhishek’s grandmother was thrilled. The actors said that his grandmother’s expression was ‘priceless’.

"Made a surprise trip to Bhopal last night (Monday). Was my nani's 80th birthday! Her expression was priceless. All her grandchildren flew in from all over. My sister, our cousins all meeting after so long. Now everyone partaking in an old Indian habit, all sitting together... Eating, drinking and catching up!

"My nani, of course, is back to being the matriarch! Making sure all her children are well fed and taken care of and doing what grandmoms do... feeding," he added.