Shruti Haasan opens up about dating Ranbir Kapoor

Bollywood actress Shruti Haasan finally broke up her silence about dating Bollywood heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor. Off late, rumor surfaced that Shruti and Ranbir are couple and has been dating secretly.

According to a report, Ranbir and Shruti recently shot for an ad and hit it off instantly on the sets. In between shots, they chatted with each other and bonded quite well. Their camaraderie was well noticed by all on the set. The new rumored lovebirds even went for a cozy dinner at a suburban restaurant later.

Over these days, the actress kept silent but finally chose to speak up. She dismisses dating the ‘Barfi’ actor and said she is busy with her work. Dismissing the report, the outspoken actress said, "It's so funny and ridiculous that it doesn't even make any sense," insisting there is no truth in the report,"I am very busy with my work and have nothing to say because these rumours don't affect me anymore," she adds.

On the work front, Shruti is excited to work with father Kamal Haasan for  'Sabaash Naidu'. "To work with him in the capacity of an actor is a completely different experience. Once on the sets, our relationship is strictly professional. He is a taskmaster and wants things a certain way. I am enjoying it and getting a lot to learn at the same time," she says.

Shruti added that despite being professional on the set, they have had quite a few daddy-daughter moments. "We were shooting for an emotional sequence and he was supposed to take my character's name, but ended up calling out my real name. Kamal Haasan rarely messes up things, so that was sweet," Shruti recounts.

Talking about her latest video, 'Be The Bitch', she says, "For a while, Unblushed and Culture Machine have been making some interesting videos. I wanted to do something that'd feel real to my thought process and also reflect who I am as a person. I wrote a few lines and discussed the idea to showcase a gutsy yet vulnerable woman of today who is otherwise labeled 'the bitch'. Everyone loved it."

She quickly explained that it is not an anti-men video: "I am not a feminist, but an egalitarian and feel that certain stigma-laden terms need an overhaul."