Shruti Haasan fights with dad Kamal Haasan’s girlfriend Gautami

For the first time Kamal Haasan and daughter Shruti Haasan are working on a project by Sabash Naidu and it was not pleasant working environment for the father-daughter duo. Shruti had a showdown with Kamal Haasan’s girlfriend Gautami, who is the costume designer of the film. Shruti disliked the costumes designed for her by Gautami and she enters into a brawl with her father’s girlfriend.

The tension between Shruti and Gautami spoiled the working environment and the shooting was halted. 

"Shruti has had tiffs with the way Gautami deals when it comes to costumes for her. She has made it clear not just once or twice, but on multiple occasions that she does not like the costumes designed by Gautami. And once, they even had a long, nasty fight that resulted in a day's shoot being called off," revealed a source. 

Despite knowing everything, Kamal Haasan preferred to maintain silence and doesn't want to get involve into the matter. "That would mean choosing between his daughter and girlfriend, which could only aggravate the matter," the source added. 

A source shares the incident, "During the schedule in the US, Shruti would keep turning down the costumes Gautami picked out for her. 'this is not my style', 'I don't wear stuff like this'... were some of the retorts Shruti came up with, every time Gautami made a suggestion. The tension between the two got pretty evident after a while, and Gautami just didn't know how to handle Shruti's tantrums."

Meanwhile, Kamal Haasan who is currently recovering from leg injury is expected to resume shooting in the second week of September.

Hope, things sort out between Shruti and Gautami.