Shraddha Kapoor hug and patch-up with Aditya Chopra

In Bollywood fights/ falling out is a common thing but so is patching up. Being professionals, the stars in Bollywood know when to let bygones be bygones and build bridges again. Rising star Shraddha Kapoor recently took initiative to patch up with producer Aditya Chopra. Not many people remember that Shraddha Kapoor actually made her debut with the film ‘Teen Patti’ that was made under the banner of Yash Raj Films( YRF). The film was a major failure and soon after Shraddha was offered the now famous role in the film 'Aashiqui 2'. But at that time she was bound in a contract for three films with YRF so she had to pick any one. Shraddha decided to work in 'Aashiqui 2' and broke the contract with Aditya’s production house. Naturally Aditya was furious and the two parted ways. But recent developments indicate that there is a change of equation between the two.

Shraddha Kapoor is all set to work in the film ‘ABCD 2’ and the role requires her to increase her body strength and flexibility. Being familiar with the gym at Aditya Chopra's office, she felt that it was the perfect place.  Reportedly, she called up Aditya Chopra and asked for his permission to use his gym. An inside source reveals, “Shraddha’s film will go on floors very soon, and her role requires her to work on her stamina and flexibility. She reached out to Adi because his gym is not only well-equipped but also offers her the much-needed privacy.”

As per reports, Aditya reacted to the call very positively. Not only he gave Shraddha permission to use his office gym but they also had a brief conversion where he praised Shraddha’s work and singing in the upcoming release 'Ek Villain'. Shraddha was also happy to receive praise from someone she considers her mentor. The source said, “The two also had a brief conversation about her upcoming release. He told her that he loved her performance in her last film and also enjoyed the song she sang. Shraddha was very happy after receiving positive feedback from the person she considers her mentor.” While Shraddha Kapoor herself was unavailable for comment, her spokesperson confirmed the news by saying, "Yes, Shraddha is working out at Aditya Chopra's gym."  This is indeed a welcome development for it is quite possible now that Aditya will rope in Shraddha Kapoor for any future project.