Shootout at Shahrukh Khan’s bungalow

Shahrukh Khan is making a big comeback in bollywood with his two big releases, KANK and Don after a long hiatus. Karan Johar’s KANK has received a good response both in India as well as overseas and Shahrukh’s role of a cynical husband has received due appreciation. Unfortunately his excitement over the good response to the film has been dampened by rumours of a tiff between him and close friend Karan Johar. Now the actor also has a new set of problems, the security of his home and family as recently there was a shootout at his bungalow Mannat.
There was a scuffle between two security guards at Khan’s bungalow. The two security guards, Hitendrasingh Chauhan and Chandraprakash Singh were from the Tops Security Company and their scuffle led to the death of one security guard. The scuffle was over which guard would take a nap first and which one would go on duty first. Chauhan, one of the guards had a license for his arms and shot Singh the other guard after a heated argument. According to zonal deputy police commissioner, V K Choube “Chauhan shot a bullet in Singh’s chest and fled. Singh was rushed to a hospital but was declared dead before admission.”

Even though Chauhan was absconding, he has now been arrested. During the entire incident, Shahrukh and his family were present in their bungalow but no one else was hurt. Nonetheless the actor and his family is worried and upset about the incident. Since then the security has been tightened around Shahrukh’s home. According to rumours Shahrukh is also upset over the fact that Abhishek Bachchan’s character in KANK had meatier sequences than his own, this has created a rift between Shahrukh and Karan Johar. However Karan refutes any rumours that Shahrukh is upset with his role in the film and says “Shahrukh is very happy with his role and also with the film in totality. He’s not upset at all.”

Shahrukh is currently awaiting his next big release of the year,
Farhan Akhtar’s Don which is slated for an October 20 release.