Shoe thrown at Jeetendra

After former US President George W. Bush, many politicians became victimized of public slipper. The latest to become wronged with shoe shower is the well-behaved and gentle actor Jeetendra. While addressing a public rally, organized by the Congress candidate Manikrao Gavit in the town of Nandurbar an unidentified person from the crowd threw slipper at him. The incident took place on Tuesday.

As the gathering was around 3,000, the culprit who actually threw slipper at him was somewhat difficult to be tagged but however party activists immediately took hold of the offender. He has been identified as Dilip Ingle and what made him to show his aggravation in this way is not yet known.

As Jeetendra was not expecting such type of ill treatment to be meted out to him, he was obviously very unhappy.