Shirish Kunder apologizes to SRK on Twitter

It is time to mend ways. It is more so, as the big film is due to release soon. Shirish Kunder, whose film ‘Joker’, will be releasing on 31st August. He has recently regretted about his comments on Shahrukh’s movie ‘Ra.One’.

He had tweeted yesterday, “I'll always regret one thing that I feel very guilty about. I sincerely apologise for my tweet on 'Ra.One’.” Earlier in January, Shirish had tweeted about the debacle of ‘Ra.One’ at the box office by saying, “I just heard an Rs150 crores firework fizzle.”

Shahrukh was apparently not too happy with those remarks. At the success party of ‘Agneepath’, organized by Sanjay Dutt at a popular Juhu nightclub, he took it out on Shirish. It happened like this. Both SRK and Shirish had been invited by Sanjay. SRK reached the party at around 3.15 am. Initially Shahrukh was in a jovial mood and was seen taking the floor with Sanjay, his wife Manyaata and others. It is being said that Shirish was following him everywhere he was going.

Once during the party it is being said that he overheard Shirish saying something ugly about ‘Ra.One’ to someone. SRK was completely blown over by that and took hold of Shirish by the scruff, made him sit on the sofa, had a heated argument and slapped Shirish hard. He was heard saying to Shirish, “what do you think of yourself? I'll see to it that you're out of this industry." 

It was Sanjay and Baba Dewan, who had to intervene to separate the duo. Shirish left soon after with his face covered. Sanjay, SRK and others too left soon after that.

Shirish didn’t take it lightly and had said soon after that incident, "I was totally unprepared for this kind of an attack. If I was standing in some area where I would expect some goondaism, I would have been better prepared. But this was a classy party. Who would expect someone to jump on you from behind?" The director confirms that Dutt and Baba intervened to stop S RK from attacking. "I walked out of the party after that. He is taking out his personal frustrations on anyone he comes across."

Seems Shirsih’s wife Farah Khan wants to keep herself aloof of this controversy. She was at a promotion event for her movie ‘Shirin Farhad Ki to Nikal Padi’. She got miffed with reporters speculating SRK’s involvement in promoting ‘Joker’. She said, "Where have you seen Shahrukh Khan promoting the film? Has he come on any channel to promote it? He just took one picture with the aliens. Please don't spread nonsense.”