Shilpa wants to remember Jade smiling

Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty failed to meet dying Jade Goody due to her deteriorating condition but she is happy for that as it would give her immense pain throughout. Shilpa wanted to remember Jade as a true fighter whom she met years back.

“I am happy in a way I haven’t got to see Jade”, Shilpa has been quoted as saying. “It would’ve depressed me no end. I always want to remember her smiling, the feisty strong gregarious Jade, a true trooper,” she added.

The 33 yr Jade Goody is on the doorstep of death and doctors and relatives are keeping a sharp eye on her. Shilpa unable to meet Jade as she was heavily drugged since the pain was excruciating and was in unconscious condition.

Jade diagnosed with cervical cancer when she came to India to participate in the reality show, Big Boss.