Shilpa skips voting for IPL

Bollywood actress and co-owner of Rajasthan Royals, Shilpa Shetty has decided not to cast her vote in the upcoming Lok Sabha for the IPL. She has made up her mind to stay back in South Africa and cheer for her team rather flying back to India and cast her vote.

"Just regret the fact that I won't be in India to cast my vote, really wanted to this time. Elections have to be taken seriously if you are a responsible citizen," says Shilpa who owns the last year champion with beau Raj Kundra with high amount.

Shilpa is not voting but she on her blog made an appeal to the Indians to cast their valuable vote, "Please go vote and make a difference".

"Unfortunately with the unexpected turn of events and the IPL being shifted to SA it's become difficult. I would not miss voting for anything otherwise. But to all those Indian citizens who want the best for our Country, now is the time to make the decision, don't waste your democratic right to choose," wrote the actress.