Shilpa to meet Goody one last time

Big Brother celebrity Jade Goody’s end is nearing very fast. She has started loosing her eye-sight and almost standing at the doorstep of death. On learning about the detoriating condition of Jade, Shilpa has decided to bid goodbye to her onetime foe. 

"She's really hoping to get to see Jade one last time. She couldn't go to the wedding because of filming commitments in India and would love to see her again if she is well enough. It all depends how Jade is feeling”, a friend of the actress said.

On March 18, Jade got married to Tweed and Shilpa was invited but she failed to turn up due to prior appointment and now she is hoping to meet Jade for the last time. .

Jade was diagnosed with cancer when he flew to India to participate in the reality show, Big Brother. After appearing in few episodes, she was called back.

Her funeral ceremony will be held at a church near her home in Upshire, Essex, and open to the public. Spokesman Max Clifford said: "The funeral will be a celebration of Jades life, a reflection of how she's lived the last seven years full on".