Shilpa still hopes to see Goody

Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty's wish to meet her cancer-stricken friend Jade Goody for the last and final time has not yet dried up. She has not lost hopes to see her for the final time. Shilpa has been quoted as saying, “I really feel terrible about what has happened to her. All I can do is pray. I'm not giving up hope of seeing her one last time.”  

“When I left for London on Sunday, I thought I'd be able to meet her but her condition has deteriorated. She's heavily drugged and hardly awake. I feel bad because maybe I could've met her if I was here two days earlier. I always felt we were connected in a strange way, she was a catalyst and the architect of my fame in Britain,” she added.

Jade who is suffering from cervical cancer has only few hours left in her hand. Due to her detoriating condition, doctors did not allow Shilpa to meet Goody. Shilpa was invited to Jade’s wedding with Tweed but due to her prior appointments she failed to make it. She is determined to meet her for one last time. Unable to meet Goody, Shilpa did not loose hope and is still keeping her fingers crossed for the last and memorable meeting.