Shilpa Shetty may work with ex-flame Akshay Kumar in a film

Shilpa Shetty still seems to be basking in the glow of winning the UK based reality show, Big Brother. The bollywood actress has been voted as the one of the most searched actresses on the internet in recent times and she seems to be extremely happy with all the popularity that she is currently receiving. Shilpa has also been voted the 38th most eligible single girl among women in the world by a British men’s magazine. However what has got the actresses fans most excited is rumours of her doing a film with ex-flame Akshay Kumar.
Although Shilpa refuses to confirm this fact she says “Somebody has come up with the idea of casting us together, but nothing definite has been spoken about it.” Akshay Kumar and Shilpa Shetty were dating each other for a while but Akshay is now married to Twinkle Khanna, so it remains to be seen whether anything comes of the talks of Akshay and Shilpa working together. There has also been talk of Shilpa buying a home and starting a chain of restaurants in the UK. Shilpa admits that eventually she intends to buy an apartment in the UK since she spends a lot of time out there but she still has to figure out her future plans. Currently Shilpa is promoting her two film releases for this year, Metro and Apne.

Randeep Hooda reacts violently as he was disturbed while shooting

Sushmita Sen’s ex-boyfriend seems to have quite a fiery temper and from his recent reaction also seems to be taking his work a bit too seriously. Recently the actor threw a fit after he was disturbed while shooting and in his temper he emptied a bottle of water on the cameraman’s head. Randeep was shooting for the film Ru Ba Ru and according to sources seemed to be throwing his tantrums right from the start. Randeep admits “it is true that I was very irritated with cameraman Manish, but I did not empty the bottle on him, but threw the bottle at him.”

However Randeep justifies this extremely temperamental act of his by saying “We were shooting and I requested Manish to not come near me while I was concentrating on the shot. But I guess he was enthusiastic and always ended up coming near me. Once again he came close to me and that’s when I flung the water bottle at him. But I was just joking to prove my point. I just didn’t want to be disturbed, that’s it.” Unfortunately though cameraman Manish didn’t take Randeep’s behaviour as a joke and after the incident just packed up and left. Manish in fact says “Randeep Hooda misbehaved so badly that it was almost unbelievable. He abused us and made unreasonable demands and finally emptied a bottle of water on me and my camera and that’s when I lost my cool and packed up and left.” Well Randeep Hooda it’s good to take one’s work seriously, but misbehaving with others for whatever reason is just not professional, what say Sush?

Salman Khan ignores old time buddy Kamaal Khan

Salman Khan and Kamaal Khan were once best buddies, but now it seems things have changed between the two and they are no longer friends. According to some sources Kamaal Khan was with Salman on that ill fated night when Sallu mowed down a few workers with his car in an accident. But things cooled down after a while and Salman and Kamaal were still on talking terms. Now however Salman Khan refuses to speak to Kamaal and is giving him the silent treatment. Sources claim that Salman did not approve of best buddy Kamaal tying the knot with starlet Shilpi Sharma.

Salman Khan was also supposed to act in Kamaal’s debut film production, but now Salman refuses to act in the film. Another source close to Kamaal says “Yes the film has come to a standstill. I don’t know the real reason for the fallout between Salman and Kamaal, but Kamaal told us that Salman had stopped taking his calls and he was no longer interested in doing the film for reasons best known to him.” A song for the film has already been recorded and the ‘mahurat’ has also been done. Kamaal too has now opted out of doing the film but the other producers still have plans to go ahead. Who knows maybe now that Kamaal is out, Sallu bhai will opt to do the film.

Sanjay to start Sunil Dutt trust for education of underprivileged children

It seems that Sanjay Dutt is trying his best to keep the work of his late father Sunil Dutt alive, by reaching out to children all over the country. Lately Sanjay Dutt has been spending a lot of time with kids from different walks of life, slum kids, orphan kids, kids in rehab etc. Sanjay also recently donated his prize money from KBC towards young children from an organization. Now the actor is all set to start an organization under his father’s name for the education of underprivileged kids. Sanjay has plans to merge this foundation with the Nargis Dutt Cancer Foundation.

Sanjay says “I am planning to open a trust in dad’s name as he always said that education is one of the most important factors in a child’s life. I believe in that myself. I want to start this trust and hopefully combine it with the Nargis Dutt cancer Foundation. On one hand the foundation will provide education for kids and on the other hand it will provide treatment for cancer stricken kids.” Well Sanjay is definitely involving himself in a completely worthy cause and we wish him all the best for this.

Abhi-Ash enjoying honeymoon in Tahiti

After the grand wedding, Ash-Abhi decided to seclude themselves in Tahiti where they would not be hounded by the media. Ash-Abhi wisely managed to give the hounding media the royal slip. The couple are rumored to be honeymooning in Tahiti, but according to sources they did not go there directly, but instead went via Auckland. A source says “The newly weds Aishwarya and Abhishek Bachchan are believed to be honeymooning in Tahiti after passing through New Zealand.” The couple were secretly escorted out of their flight and boarded onto another flight.

On the work front recently there were rumours that Ash and Hrithik Roshan were summoned to appear before a court in Muzzafarpur for the kissing scene depicted in Dhoom 2. The two actors Hrithik and Ash have been asked to appear before the court on May 30, but Ash’s secretary denies any such summons from any court. Meanwhile there is also good news as it seems that another of Ash’s films maybe heading for the Cannes Film Festival. According to sources, Ashutosh Gowariker’s epic film Jodha Akbar may be headed for the Cannes film festival so may be Ash and Abhi will grace the event, but Hrithik may be there too and once again steal their thunder.