Shilpa Shetty faces severe backlash for kiss from Richard Gere

Recently Shilpa Shetty won the UK based reality show ‘Big Brother’ and received loads of praise in the UK. Ever since then the actress who was subjected to racial discrimination on the show and stood up to it has been in the international news. While back home everybody is happy about Shilpa’s achievement, the international media has been constantly trying to pull her down. There have been several stories regarding the actresses past scandals, like a fraud case against her parents and even the actress’s personal life being highlighted negatively. Now back home in India, Shilpa seems to have found herself back in the midst of a controversy once more regarding a kiss from Hollywood actor Richard Gere.
Recently Shilpa Shetty who is associated with creating Aids awareness was part of a promotion campaign along with Hollywood actor Richard Gere. The actress was in the capital city, Delhi at a forum held to create HIV/Aids awareness amongst truck drivers as a majority of this segment are known to acquire the fatal illness. Hollywood actor Richard Gere too has been promoting Aids awareness in India along with socialite Parmeshwar Godrej for quite some time. At the forum Richard Gere was in a playful mood and hence he was seen kissing the actress’s hand and cheek in a dramatic style. Unfortunately this act by Richard does not seem to have gone down too well with the moral brigade of the country who claim that such an act is against the Indian culture.

There were several protests by different moralistic segments in places like Varanasi, Kanpur, Ranchi, Bhopal etc and protesters even resorted to burning effigies of Richard Gere and Shilpa Shetty. Forced by such severe actions against her and Richard Gere, Shilpa decided to speak up in defense of her friend and colleague Richard. The actress had to disrupt her shooting schedule and give the media and public a clarification. Shilpa says “Richard’s act on stage was extremely harmless, it was in good humour and I though it was very sweet of him.” Shilpa claims that Richard’s act was an impromptu gesture and it was only a scene that he was enacting from one of his popular films as Shilpa had earlier asked him to show her some move from the film. Although Shilpa agrees that Richard’s actions were not in keeping with Indian culture, she claims that he is not a part of or even aware of our culture. Shilpa also feels that as for culture, it is also a part of our culture to respect guests and Richard is a guest in our country and he is here to promote a good cause. Shilpa finally states “Why are some people hell-bent in making us look foolish in front of the international media?”

Finally Shilpa claims that Richard has called her up several times aplogising for any inconvenience that he has caused her or her family due to the situation and he also stated that he had never meant to hurt the sentiments of Indians. But Shilpa brushes it all off and firmly refuses to apologise as she feels that she has not done anything wrong. Well Shilpa some people say any publicity, negative or positive is good.