Shilpa Shetty accused of being a home-wrecker

Shilpa Shetty may be loved and adored by fans in the UK after her victory in the UK based reality show Big Brother, and there was proof of this when recently she was honored with a doctorate from Leeds University in the UK . However both the national and international media seems hell bent on dragging her into one controversy after another. In a new controversy surrounding Shilpa, she has been accused of being a home breaker by a woman Kavita Kundra residing in UK.
Shilpa has had many controversies in the past, first there was an international magazine that published personal details of her love affair with ex-flame Akshay Kumar , then there was the Richard Gere kissing controversy back home and now she is being accused of being the reason for a broken marriage and home. Kavita Kundra, the wife of UK based Raj Kundra claims that Shilpa is the reason for her broken marriage. Raj Kundra is a rich married UK based businessman who dabbles in financing films and is also a diamond trader. Kavita has accused Shilpa of having an affair with her husband despite knowing the fact that he is married and has a little child too. Kavita says “Our marriage was in a rough patch, but I was certain that we could make it work for the sake of our new baby daughter. But then along came Shilpa and suddenly Raj changed and now he wants a divorce.” Kavita also claimed that ever since Raj met Shilpa, he has changed in many ways; he goes to the gym regularly and has lost weight. He has also become fashion conscious and takes a lot of care with his appearance.

Shilpa Shetty has been spotted with Raj Kundra at several events, she was seen at the IIFA event in Yorkshire with Raj and also at her recent perfume launch S2 he was by her side. However Shilpa’s spokesperson Dale Bhargwagar says “It is true that Shilpa and Raj are very good friends but all these rumours of Shilpa and Raj getting married are baseless. Raj is the licensor of the perfume Shilpa launched recently, so obviously they were seen together at public places.” Raj Kundra too denies that he is seeing Shilpa and claims that his marriage had ended much before he knew Shilpa. He also implied that his wife was making up stories regarding the breakdown of their marriage.

Let’s wait and watch if this ‘just friends’ leads to more between Raj and Shilpa!