Shilpa's son to visit grandparents in London

Bollywood yummy mummy Shilpa Shetty declares, "This is Viaan time”. Shilpa is over the moon with the birth of her first baby boy on May 21st. she is totally into motherhood activities feeding, changing nappies and late-night activities but Shilpa is not at all tired, “How can I? One look at him, and my tiredness vanishes. It’s such an amazing feeling. Viaan is teaching me a lot of things. I really value and respect all the mothers in the world”.

Shilpa and Raj’s son Viaan will make his first foreign trip in December.  He will be visiting his grandparents in London during Christmas.  “Currently, his grandparents are here with us. But Viaan will go to London in the winter to celebrate his first Christmas there,” says Shilpa.

Shilpa is thankful to God for blessing her with a baby boy but said she will be much happier if she gets a baby girl, “I am very happy with Viaan. But maybe I would have been happier if the baby was a girl. I am very fond of girls,” says Shilpa.

Describing Viaan’s looks as a mix of Raj and herself, “My walk and pregnancy postures apparently indicated that it was a boy! But my Guruji prepared me to welcome a soul into the world, irrespective of gender,” she says.