Shilpa's effigies burnt

Only few days passed and Bigg Boss has started hitting the headlines. First it was the traumatic adieu of British candidate Jade Goody and secondly allegations on the host Shilpa Shetty by Rakhi Sawant. Shilpa was stunned when Rakhi accused her of changing candidates. She was deeply hurt when her effigies were burnt in front of the Bigg Boss house on the basis of selection and rejection of candidates. A guy Ramdas Atahavle claimed that being a dalit, he was dropped by Shilpa  

On hearing the false allegations, the actress doesn't know how to react. "It's the channel's prerogative to select or reject a candidate. Until two days prior to the show I didn't even know who was going. The format doesn't allow the host to know the contestants. Mr Athavle claims he was dropped on discriminatory grounds because he was a Dalit and Sanjay Nirupam was taken instead."

When questioned about Rakhi's allegation, Shilpa says she's appalled. "I don't even want to talk about her. But I was very hurt. I really like Rakhi. Why was she talking this way about me without knowing the facts? How does she know the facts about how contestants were chosen? I don't think it's right for anyone to shoot off her mouth in this way. You may have an outspoken image that you're always eager to uphold. But please don't flaunt that image at my cost."