Shilpa, Preity end up war

Teams are getting ready to give a tough fight to their contenders on the field while owners started fighting off-field. This is the scenario of the soon to be held IPL. The two gorgeous IPL ladies, Preity Zinta and Shilpa Shetty joined hands after their supposed rivalry reported in the media. Shilpa breaks the ice with Preity by inviting her to a grand party organized by her and beau Raj Kundra at the Grand Hyatt to mark the occasion of their entry into IPL. 

Shilpa said, "I really want these unsavory rumors about our rivalry to end. On an impulse I sent a sms to Preity inviting her for the party that Raj and I are hosting."

Shilpa was pleasantly surprised to get response from Preity, "She said she'd love to come. But can't because she'd be out of town. I think that just about takes care of that. I'm sure we'll have other occasions to interact. For now it's enough that she accepted my invitation."

Shilpa rebuts those rivalry stories, "We're both well brought-up girls. We were even together in the Bachchans' world tour. And we got along fine. We don't need to be seen as these warring women at all, please."

Speaking about tomorrow’s grand party, Shilpa says, "It's been a while since Raj and I had friends share in our happiness. The IPL deal is a good occasion to have a get-together. We're inviting all our friends."