Shilpa prays for Jade Goody

Shilpa Shetty and Jade Goody's hit the headlines when they participated in Bigg Brother reality show in UK. Shilpa emerged victorious on the show whereas Jade branded as a racist for humiliating her. Shilpa again came face to face to Jade after two years on the show Big Brother where Jade flew all the way from UK to participate in Big Brother. After starring in two or three episode, Jade has to go back after she diagnosed with cancer. Shilpa was shocked to hear Jade diagnosed with such a dreadful disease and prays to the Almighty for her speedy recovery.

Shilpa said, "What happened between us in the past means nothing compared to what Jade is going through today. Every night I pray for a miracle to save her life. You wouldn't wish this on your worst enemy." She's added, "I was one of the first people to be told and I kept saying over and over to myself. It can't be true'. I remember calling Jade at Mumbai airport and telling her to hang in there and be strong for her kids. We couldn't control ourselves and cried over the phone."

Jade is a mother of two children and Shilpa is amazed to hear how Jade is hiding the truth from them. She said, "I heard Jade joked to her sons that her hair loss was caused by using the wrong shampoo, so at least she hasn't lost her sense of humour. How she has handled herself has been nothing short of amazing. Being a working mother of two small children is a hard enough job on its own without having to battle such a serious illness at the same time."