Shilpa meets British PM

Shilpa ShettyBollywood glam girl Shilpa Shetty’s popularity is immeasurable in UK. Post Big Brother success, her importance has greatly increased. No Indian female actress received so much accolades and fame in UK like Shilpa. Her fragnance has spread far and wide with the launch of her own S2 perfume in UK. Next big feather on her hat is her recipient of Global Cultural Diversity Award and her meeting with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown.  

Soon after the award, she visited British PM’s residence at Downing Street. Regarding her honor and visit, Shilpa said, . “Jackie Chan was honoured with The Global Cultural Diversity Award last year and I have been chosen this year and I feel truly admired and respected”. She further added, “Yes, as a part of this ceremony, I met British Prime Minister Gordon Brown at his residence. It was such a privilege meeting him”.  

Shilpa failed to shine bright among successful Bollywood stars but she is now planning to spread her wings in producing films. With the help and guidance of her UK based boyfriend Raj Kundra, she will launch her own production house.