Shilpa makes me run behind her, Raj

Shilpa’s influence on her businessman hubby Raj Kundra is clearly noticed. Just two years of happily married life and Raj is a changed person. He looks more fit and gone lean. He looks fitter, healthy by the grace of Shilpa. Shilpa Shetty is a fitness freak; she performs yoga regularly and also made Raj her follower.

“Shilpa makes me run behind her. Where ever she goes, I go and this in turn has made me fit and healthy,” jokes Raj.

Raj feels Shilpa is a perfect homemaker. “I love the food Shilpa prepares at home. Be it idli sambhar, dosas or the rotis she recently learnt to make. I must confess, she is the perfect partner to have- be it in life or in business,” Raj adds.

Shilpa has recently declared that she has taken a break from her acting career and would concentrate on her business and very soon would start her production company with Raj.

“We have finalised the script, the stars and the rest of the essentials for our first film. However, we shall divulge the details a little later. At the moment, I can only tell you that our film will have all the elements of a blockbuster- comedy, romance, thriller and entertainment, all in one.”