Shilpa congratulates Goody in advance

Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty congratulated cancer-stricken British reality TV star Jade Goody on her wedding in advance. Jade mother of two, Bobby, five, and Freddie, four will finally tie the knot with her longtime boyfriend 21-year-old Jack Tweed. Doctors have given the speculated time period to Goody but before leaving the world she wished to fulfill her long time wish. Shilpa with whom Jade had a severe clash during the Big Brother show further tightened their friendship by inviting Shilpa on her wedding.

Shilpa confirmed the invitation on her blog, she wrote, “Read an article on Jade Goody’s deteriorating condition... it disturbed me ’cause the last time I spoke to her, she seemed very positive and we were all expecting that the doctors would be able to curb the cancer from spreading. This piece of news came as a shock - so I called her hoping it was only a rumor but she confirmed it. Jade being Jade shifted the topic to her wedding on Sunday and she invited me for it.” 

Unfortunately, Shilpa will not be able to attend Goody’s wedding due to her shooting in Kuala Lumpur. But she asked sorry to Jade and congratulated her beforehand. Shilpa is concerned for her kids and expressed her sympathy for them on her blog, “It was a lot of mixed feelings - happiness, helplessness and extreme sadness. She wants the best for her kids and I hope Jack makes a good father to them.”