Shilpa Agnihotri longs to return to ‘Bigg Boss’

The competition is getting hotter on the popular reality show ‘Bigg Boss’ and television actress Shilpa Agnihotri is the latest participant to have been evicted from the Bigg Boss house on Saturday. The actress is known for her roles in ‘Lavana’ and ‘Kyon ki ........ saas bhi kabhi bahu thi’ and she was in the game show along with her husband Apurva. Now, the actress has been eliminated while her husband continues the game and she longs to be back with him.

"Everyone felt that my eviction was very unexpected. I feel that maybe I did not give enough content which was why I was evicted," said Shilpa in an interview immediately after eviction. "The minute they ask me for a wild card entry, I am more than willing to least till the time my husband is there. I feel so bad that I am here without him. I will probably cry when I go home...I will continue to watch the show at least till the time my husband is there," she added.

Asked why she was evicted, the actress replied, “I have been a regular viewer of Bigg Boss and know that unless you provide content by initiating a fight or controversy you cannot last. I was the kind who would tell people that we will figure it out and find a way. I guess that equalled to less content!” 

It was pointed out that she was yelling and screaming with the best of them when Apurva got a Mohawk cut, but Shilpa was ready to justify her tantrum. “I may have come across as a crazy wife, but for us actors, the most important thing is our appearance. If he had cut even six inches of hair I would have been fine, but to go 80 per cent bald was not done. The task was completely unjustified.”

In fact, she objected to several tasks which she thought was not suited to a show like ‘Bigg Boss’ which is supposed to concentrate on mind games. “I have been a part of reality shows like Survivor and have done the baap of tasks and enjoyed them. However, Bigg Boss is about mind games and you are not prepared for this,” she said.

According to Shilpa, Armaan Kohli is playing the best game. On the other hand, she thinks that Apurva is not playing at all. Still, she plans to spend her time with her cocker spaniel as she waits for her husband.