Shekher Kapoor to make sequel to Mr. India

Our all time favorite invisible man is going to be seen on the silver screen again. Yes, the blockbuster of the 80’s ‘Mr. India’ is going to see its sequel very soon. The movie is going to be directed by Shekhar Kapoor. It will be seeing the old couple Anil Kapoor and Sridevi back on screen once again.

Producer Boney Kapoor was always asking Shekhar Kapoor to direct the film. However, Shekhar did not have much time in his schedule. This time however, Boney Kapoor has managed to lure Shekhar Kapoor in action and thus the movie is going to happen. Shekhar Kapoor will be seen as the director this time and not just a consultant behind the screen.

Other sources tell us that Anil Kapoor and Sridevi might not be seen playing the role of Mr. India. They might not be placed in the leading roles in the film at all. However, sources confirm the fact that superstar Samlam Khan may be seen playing the role of the legendary ‘Mogambo’. Boney Kapoor has further confirmed this fact by saying that one cannot possibly imagine doing a movie without casting Salmaan Khan in it. Not only in Mr. India 2, this great action hero, will be seen in the sequel to ‘No Entry’ as well.

The movie is scheduled to appear in the theatres in 2014. The original Mr. India is going to be re-edited and will be seen in 3D a few weeks before the release of the sequel. Initially, Boney Kapoor has approached Anurag Basu to direct the sequel. But finally, it is Shekhar Kapoor who will be seen as the director. Shekhar admits himself that he and Boney Kapoor have been talking about this very often.

It is evident that the sequel to Mr. India is going to receive enormous canvas once it is released. It is expected to be bigger than the original. This film is going to be another sci-fi in Bollywood’s pocket. Although most of the cast of the film is yet to be decided, this is going to be the first time that Salman fans will be seeing him in a negative role on the screen.

The audience is going to have very high hopes for this sequel. Actor Amrish Puri has made the character ‘Mogambo’ a legend. People will have to watch out whether Salman Khan will live up to the mark or not.  Apart from this, rumors say that Arjun Kapoor will also be seen in the movie.