Shatrughan cries after watching Sonakshi’s ‘Lootera’

Veteran actor and father Shatrughan Sinha broke down after watching his daughter Sonakshi Sinha’s performance in Vikramaditya Motwane’s period drama ‘Lootera’ starring Ranveer Sibgh in the lead. He not only praised Sonakshi’s looks but also her acting skill.

"When Sonakshi did Son Of Sardaar she looked every inch a Sardarni. In Lootera, she looks completely Bengali. I don't want people to say, Apni beti ke baarey mein shuroo ho gaye But the fact is I've faced the camera for 45 years, and I know when I see an extraordinary performance. I couldn't see my daughter Sonakshi in Lootera. I only saw this ill suffering girl called Pakhi on screen. And my heart melted."

Sonakshi’s went deep into the character and inject life into the her role as Pakhi. He could not believe that his daughter could enact the bronchial cough so effectively.

Praising his daughter, Shatrughan Sinha said, "Ab kya Karen? Ek baap toh baap hi hota hai. The way Sonakshi has portrayed the bronchial cough is amazing. It was so realistic that I got scared. My girl has never been exposed to the harsh realities of life. Where did she get to know about such pain suffering, hurt and humiliation?"

Shatruji says he was touched emotionally to see how Sonakshi's character Pakhi pleading Ranveer's character to visit her.

"Rejection is a terrible humiliation. I never realized how much damage it can do to a girl's self-esteem until I saw Sonakshi's performance in that sequence where Pakhi begs with the man she loves to visit her the next day, or the day after or the day after that...My heart reached out to the character. When a girl faces such crippling rejection, she can do anything. That scene made me realise how callous and careless men can be, and how careful they need to be when dealing with a woman's heart."

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