Shahrukh’s special advise to his son Aryan

West Bengal has seen a spate of crimes against women in recent times. The state has been constantly witnessing a series of heinous crimes against women on a regular basis. The Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee has always turned a blind eye to the rise of the crimes. In such a situation, West Bengal’s brand ambassador, Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, who was in the city to promote his upcoming movie Chennai Express was asked his opinion on the decadence that the state is seeing and his take on the whole affair.

Like a true ambassador, Shah Rukh Khan defended his state. He stressed that West Bengal was being victimized when it came to crimes against women. He believes that such crimes are common place in every city of the world. He said that putting the blame on a system was always the easiest way out. It is used to justify every form of inaction by the people.

In order to combat the crime, he has suggested that the upbringing of children should be modified. He gave the example of his own children whom he has taught to respect women from a tender age. He has told his son to never break a girl’s heart or stand any atrocity committed against women. He believes that the way a child is brought up decides how he treats members of the opposite sex. Thus the change has to come from each of us. It is futile to blame the system.

Meanwhile Shah Rukh is eagerly awaiting his Eid release – Chennai Express. The Rohit Shetty movie will have him romancing Deepika Padukone. The movie is a typical Rohit Shetty flick, having the ingredients of comedy, action and thrill encapsulated in a package to deliver something that the audience of India cherishes.

Shahrukh was asked when he would shoot for a movie in the state. The Kolkata Knight Rider’s owner replied that whenever he finds a script that requires the rich elements of culture, heritage and art, he would definitely come down to Kolkata and shoot for his movie. Earlier, Bollywood movies like Kahaani has been shot in Kolkata as the script demanded a place as such. Shahrukh was also asked how he felt romancing Deepika who is twenty years younger to him. He said that age is just a number for him and he still feels young at heart. Chennai Express will hit the theaters on August 9th.