Shahrukh wishes Salman 'good health'

Burying all the old hatchet, Shahrukh Khan wished Salman Khan ‘good health’ and speedy recovery. Shahrukh prays for Salman for his well being and best of health. Salman headed for the US for nerve surgery and before leaving his friends wished him all the best. Shahrukh Khan who is in the bad book of Sallu also wished the actor.

"If anybody is unwell we all feel sad about it. I wish him (Salman) a speedy recovery and all the best in life. Because everyone misses him... it is very sad when you fall ill," Shah Rukh told reporters.

In the context of Salman leaving for the US for the much-talked about surgery, Shahrukh said, "I have undergone several surgeries and I think it is very important, when our bodies get injured or hurt, that they get cured soon. It is not nice when you lead an actor`s life. I wish for a healthy life not only on this auspicious day of Eid, but everyday. I don`t want people to have difficulties in life."

Besides wishing the actor, King Khan also prays for Salman’s family. "These are tough times... more than the person who is suffering, the family does. I pray for his family and wish them all the best. They are very good friends of mine and they are my family," Shah Rukh said.

"When people ask me how are your children I don`t tell them that they are studying well or are happy or are naughty, I say they are healthy. And I believe that is the biggest blessing. I hope he (Salman) gets cured fast and comes back to work soon," he added.