Shahrukh to do cameo again

Shahrukh Khan never declines his true friend whenever they approach him to do a special appearance in their film.  But after his fallout with Vivek Vashwani in ‘Dulha Mil Gaya’, Shahrukh has almost stopped playing cameo as he has developed a hatred for playing cameo but breaking his own rule now, he has decided to appear in special appearance only for special friends.

Among his special friends is actor turned director Makrand Deshpande. When he approached King Khan for a special role in his film ‘Shahrukh Bola Khubsoorat Hai’, he readily agreed to do. Shahrukh developed a good rapport with Makrand during the shooting of ‘Swades’. So when Makrand approached him, he could not turn him down.

Since there is a lot of curiosity surrounding the unique title, we tell you that Shahrukh plays himself in the movie and the story tells how he changes the life of a street girl selling flowers at the traffic signal when he rolls down his car window and compliment the girl.

SRK has given his words to Makrand and he will shoot by the end of March or early April.