Shahrukh spoils Farah’s show

After Farah Khan cast Akshay Kumar for ‘Tees Maar Khan’, the relationship between the two best buddies turned bitter. The crack in their relationship was quite evident at the recent Mumbai Police Mela in Andheri where Farah Khan arrived with her troupe, Katrina Kaif, Akshay Kumar to promote their latest flick, ‘Tees Maar Khan’. While Farah was addressing the audience, Shahrukh Khan with his eight bodyguards walked through the audience. When a prominent figure like King Khan walked through the audience, the attention will obviously get diverted.

Speaking to a daily, an eyewitness said, “SRK and his bodyguards started walking towards the audience. Sab logon ka dhyaan SRK par chala gaya. And though they glanced at Farah, Akshay and Katrina, their attention was divided.”

Farah and team were annoyed as the attention of the crowd divided.

The witness added, “Surely, SRK knew what he was doing. If a person of his stature walks into the audience, whose head wouldn’t turn?”

Well, Shahrukh Khan holds the view that TMK won't get grand opening. SRK tried all effort to sabotage Farah Khan but the film will decide who is the real winner.