Shahrukh says Salman is his friend

Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan got into brawl several times and the worst being on Katrina Kaif’s birthday last year. Ever since then the two were no longer on talking terms. If Salman had dumped his enmity by saying that Shahrukh Khan is a great actor and he wished to work with him again then Shahrukh has also welcomed Salman’s friendship invitation and referred Salman Khan as a good friend of his.  

Speaking at the IIPM campus, Shahrukh said that he equated poverty to failure at one point of his life, as he didn’t want to be poor and he then started up taking films which his counterparts rejected. He revealed that he accepted ‘Deewana’ that Armaan Kohli rejected, did ‘Bazzigar' that Salman Khan refused, starred in ‘Darr’ after Aamir Khan turned down the offer and he acted in ‘Dil Aashma Hai’ after Saif Ali Khan rejected.

Shahrukh Khan has gone through many hurdles in life and at this point of stage he does not want to carry any bitter feeling for anyone and so he has also extended his hand of friendship towards his friend turned foe Salman.