Shahrukh Khan richer than Tom Crusie, Johnny Depp

The Hollywood industry may have bigger film budgets than Bollywood but when it comes to personal fortune; our very own Indian stars can match with any Hollywood big shot. Recently Wealth-X, one of the world’s leading firms that researches on individuals with high net worth, has published a Hollywood-Bollywood joint rich list. In the top ten, the only star from Bollywood is Shahrukh Khan but he occupies the second slot thus becoming the second richest actor in the world. 

A statement was made from the firm, "Khan is estimated to be worth $600 million. Immensely popular around the globe as well as in his home country, India, Khan is also a producer, TV host, co-owner of an Indian cricket club and a philanthropist. He has appeared in more than 50 Bollywood films and is a regular at the annual Cannes Film Festival".

Shahrukh with his $600 million personal fortune is only behind comedian Jerry Seinfeld who topped the list with an astounding $820 million. The most notable thing about Shahrukh’s high ranking is that he has left behind some of Hollywood’s biggest names like Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp. Tom Cruise is in the third position with a $480 million fortune while Depp became a joint fourth along with actor Tyler Perry thanks to his net worth of $450 million.

Some of the best known actors in the world have featured in the top ten of the list- Jack Nicholson who is a triple Oscar winner was in the 7th position with $400 million, Tom Hanks who is a two time Oscar winner was in the 8th place. He has personal fortunes worth $390 million dollars.  The oldest actor in the list is 84 years old Clint Eastwood who became 9th with $370 million. Comedian Adam Sandler closed off the top ten with $340 million of personal fortune.  

Popular celebrity fortune websites like ‘The Richest’ and ‘Celebrity Net Worth’ has also estimated Shahrukh’s fortune at $600 million. Shahrukh owns several high end luxury cars and own residential properties in Mumbai, London and Dubai. He has also made several lucrative real estate investments. Apart from acting he also runs a film production company and owns a cricket team in the Indian Premier League.  Apart from Shahrukh, Salman Khan and Amir Khan are the only Bollywood stars who can give the stars in Hollywood some competition. Salman is worth around $200 million which is same as Leonardo DiCaprio while Aamir with his $180 million fortune competes with George Clooney and Bruce Willis.