"Shahrukh prefers being number two": Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan at the international film festival

For a long time now there has been constant speculation about Aamir Khan and Shahrukh Khan's 'friendly relationship'. Although the two have always stated that they were friends, now it seems that recently Aamir did not miss a chance to take a pot shot at 'good friend', Shahrukh. When Aamir was quizzed who was No 1, he or SRK, Aamir said "Shahrukh prefers being number two." It no doubt made it clear to one and all that Aamir felt that he was number 1. 

Aamir endorses Samsung mobiles and he was at one of their events when he took a pot shot at SRK who happens to endorse Nokia Mobiles. Aamir felt that he was No 1, while SRK was No 2. However SRK, who was recently at an IPL event when quizzed about Aamir's remark, did not seem to mind Aamir's pot shot at all. In fact he readily seemed to accept the No 2 position. SRK said "“Aamir is a dear friend and if he says that I'm second to him then it's a great compliment to him….oops that was a genuine slip of tongue (amidst peals of laughter)…I mean it's a great compliment to me. He is 100% No. 1." Shahrukh seemed to be in a playful mood and also went on to admit that his wife Gauri Khan was a fan of Aamir and had warned him not to say anything about Aamir. Shahrukh also said "I'm proud of having learnt a lot from Aamir. One of my biggest desires in life is to do a film with Aamir and learn a lot from him. We should not belittle the importance of Aamir Khan by comparing with someone like me. He is a standalone, one of the nicest gentleman and actor in the country.” 

Shahrukh claimed that he and Aamir were very different. He claimed that while the latter was an intellectual person who thought out things, he was more physical and just did them. He claimed that they shared no hard feelings and understood each other's jokes. SRK ended with another of his witty ones, saying "I may be famous for Kkkk Kiran, but he really loves Kkkk Kiran."