Shahrukh made Sachin Tendulkar dance

Shahrukh Khan has done the impossible. He has made the ace cricketer of the world Sachin Tendulkar dance during the recently held Sahara India Sports Awards where Shahrukh Khan was the host. To make Sachin dance on the stage was a challenge which Virendra Sehwag had thrown to Shahrukh.

King Khan called Viru on the stage to dance. Viru in return bet Shahrukh that if he can make Sachin dance on the stage then he would do anything for him. Shahrukh took up the challenge, went up to Tendulkar hold his hand to the stage and made him dance.

Then matching to SRK’s steps, he did slight side movements and then gave up. King Khan rescued his best buddy from this awful situation.

Sachin hardly attends awards functions or parties and shaking legs on stage is something he never thought. In the past, his contemporaries, Sreesanth, Harbhajan, Yuvraj also  tried to make him dance but failed.

Finally, it was king khan who has made the impossible possible.