Shahrukh Khan's date with former Mexican President

It is not unusual for superstar Shah Rukh Khan to hobnob with the rich and the famous. His latest distinguished visitor is the former Mexican President, Vicente Fox who came down to the RK Studios along with his wife Martha, and current Mexican Ambassador to India Jamie Nualart. SRK was busy shooting for his upcoming film, Happy New Year produced by Red Chillies Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. On 11th February, the three dignitaries visited the set.

According to reports, director Farah Khan came down to greet the distinguished guests and requested them to watch the shooting. According to a source, "This was the first time that Fox visited the sets of a Bollywood film, and he was extremely excited about it. He talked about his liking for India, its culture and its people. SRK was also heard saying that he has visited Mexico once. He went on to say that he would like to make a film there."

"After Farah's invitation, everyone headed towards the shoot location. They (the guests) watched an entire sequence being shot," added the source.

Shah Rukh Khan spend a considerable time with the former President talking about everything ranging from the people and culture of India, Mexico and education for kids. The former President issued a statement subsequently saying, “We have been visiting many places, but meeting SRK and talking to him we feel he is a great person. The set is fabulous and the activity is just amazing. We hope that Shah Rukh Khan would visit us at Mexico some day. India is a great country with great people. I have always admired India.”

The visit of Fox has been sponsored by KidZania. It is a unique educational program that aims to educate children with the help of entertainment. Shah Rukh owns a stake in the Indian franchise of the organization. “I am proud that KidZania is Mexican and I am glad that it has SRK’s blessings. I am also glad that he is looking into the Indian franchise of this wonderful way of educating kids with entertainment,” Fox said. The popularity of SRK has definitely grown by leaps and bounds and this visit by a former head of state amply demonstrate the global respect that the actor commands.

Shah Rukh was recently seen at the launch of a theme park for KidZania in Mumbai. The chain specializes in educational theme parks for children aged between 5 and 13.