Shahrukh Khan turned down KBC 2 for Amitabh Bachchan

Bollywood is often known as a competitive and cut throat industry where one has to be ruthlessly ambitious for themselves and not consider friendships or relationships. It is often seen that actors and actresses are replaced by one another in the blink of an eye. But there are some who don’t follow this policy, some like our very own King Khan, Shahrukh. Recently SRK replaced Amitabh in the popular game show on television, Kaun Banega Crorepati third season but only after seeing a written statement from Amitabh saying that he did not want to continue doing KBC.
Shahrukh Khan has been constantly compared to Amitabh Bachchan and according to media reports there is also a professional rivalry between the two actors. First SRK did the remake of Don, a film which originally was done by Amitabh back in the 80’s. Then SRK decided to follow Big B’s path down the small screen by doing Kaun Banega Crorepati 3. However recently SRK revealed that Star TV had earlier too approached him to do the second season of KBC. But SRK was very keen on one condition that he would do the show only if Mr. Bachchan did not want to do the show anymore. Hence when Amitabh expressed a desire to continue doing KBC 2, SRK backed away from the project in spite of the channel approaching him to do the show. SRK confirms “Two years ago Star offered me KBC 2 and I asked them if Mr. Bachchan wanted to do it. And they said yes, so I backed off. Recently too when they offered me KBC 3, I said I will only do it if Mr. Bachchan says no. After they had said that he had declined to do it, I asked to see a letter from him confirming this. Only after that did I agree to do it.”

SRK was also offered a show by Zee TV earlier, which he politely declined. SRK feels that when someone else was slated to do a particular role and you step into their shoes for whatever reasons, it is mere courtesy to ask the person whom you have replaced if it is not a problem. Shahrukh feels that KBC is a product that began with Amitabh and states “If there was even an iota of doubt that he wanted to do it, then I wouldn’t do it.” Shahrukh has replaced many prominent actors in some of his films like Aamir Khan for Darr and Salman Khan for Josh but he has always called them up first to see if it is okay to go ahead with the project and that there are no problems from their side. Well it’s nice to know that SRK has reached the top but not by stepping on other people’s toes, a rare thing in bollywood.