Shahrukh Khan, Shirish Kunder kiss and patch-up

Industry was buzzing with the news last year when Shahrukh Khan and Shirish Kunder had a fall out. At a party, Shahrukh got into an altercation with Shirish. Later in another party, Shahrukh slapped Shirish. After that incident, both were not in talking terms. The ill effect of their fall out also affected the relation of Shahrukh and Shirish’s wife Farah.

However, Shirish Kunder recently accompanied his wife Farah Khan to Dubai. In Dubai, Farah was filming for her movie ‘Happy New Year’. The cast of the movie also included Shahrukh Khan. For the entire month, Shirish tagged along with the team of this movie.

First Shirish took a dig at Shahrukh by calling his movie ‘’ dud on twitter. However later, he apologized for his tweets. Then at the birthday bash of Sanjay Dutt, the two were caught in a brawl. There SRK got angry and both got into physical fight. We wonder how SRK, who is known to be a charmer might have hit Kunder. Must have been a Bollywood style! The relation between SRK and Farah soured a little but still they managed to retain their friendship.

Kunder had said, "Everyone knows what really happened at the party; it isn't a hidden fact at all. Of course it was ugly and I was quite shaken up with what happened. When someone attacks you from behind and comes prepared with a set of bodyguards to protect his own self, you don't really have a choice, do you?”

“All I feel is that if at all there was so much pent up anger in him, he could have gone verbal. Getting physical hasn't reflected well on either of us.” he said.

Then a patch up episode started last year. Farah’s brother Sajid Khan and film maker Sajid Nadiadwala played mediators and the patch up happened at SRK’s bungalow. “We met today at his (Shah Rukh's) place. Sajid Khan, Sajid Nandiadwala, Farah Khan, Gauri and Shahrukh - we all were there together. We sorted out things. We all felt bad about what happened.” Kunder had said.

“With the help of close friends we spent sometime together. Our relation is much stronger than before. Even Farah and Shah Rukh are friends again”, Kunder added.

The patch up of last year was the base for the fresh friendship that sprouted between SRK and Kunder in Dubai. Or is it that SRK was just being courteous towards Kunder as Farah is his friend?