Shahrukh Khan's Dubai dome!

Shahrukh Khan“The day the importance of my work overtakes Mannat, I'll consider myself a star!” quipped SRK recently. If that is the criteria, then it will be a while until SRK considers himself a true blue star. Because his recent buy in Dubai is the talk of the town. Is it true that you have bought a villa in Dubai? we ask
“Yes. But it was an impromptu move” he says, trying to inflate the hype around. “I was in Dubai for a show and had half a day off. I had heard a lot about the Palm Resorts, and so went to see it” he says plainly. “This company Nakheel took me around and I fell in love with the place. Hey know what, apparently the Palm Resorts can be seen from the moon” Shahrukh says with a lopsided smile.

But what is it about the place that he took to it? “Well, it's intensely private. But he happens to be among the few stars who have never had any problem with the supposed 'loss of privacy'. “Well, it's just that I felt that I don't get to spend enough time with my kids. Here in India, I need a lot of security if I were to do even a minor outing” the superstar says with genuine concern. “I want to be able it do any and everything with Aryan and Suhana. Go to a beach, build sand castles, go fishing, do all of that with them” he says with an unmistakable fondness (SRK is an extra delight when he talks about his kids) “I know it's going to be a little expensive but I'll have David Bekham and Bill Clinton as neighours! I guess that should console the holes in my pocket” he humors us.

Word has it that he is also getting into real estate? “Real estate?” he exclaims. Yeah, the rumor has it that you are keen to make SRK Towers. “Now this is hilarious! I know nothing about real estate” he pleads innocent. “It's just that I am making some extensions to Mannat. Though the place is huge, we have only three bedrooms, so when guests come in, there is no place to put them up, so we decided to add 4 floors to the houses” he reasons. And what will the renewed Mannat look like? “Well, nothing too opulent just that the house will now have a guest room, a formal living room, a gymnasium (post the back problem he now exercises regularly) and a office to help me work from home” he winds his list. “It took me 2 years to procure permissions. So I thought of renovating it before the rules change once again” he mocks.

courtesy : India FM