Shahrukh Khan’s 15000 feet jump for a stunt in Don

Shahrukh Khan, the king Khan is back with a bang after a long hiatus from bollywood, his last release Paheli did not Don too well at the box-office. But now Shahrukh seems to be in top form and is all set to take on the reins and give the younger lot in bollywood tough competition once more. He has two releases lined up this year, Karan Johar’s Kabhie Alvida Na Kehna and Farhan Akhtar’s remake of Don. He plays two extremely diverse characters in both the flicks, in KANK in spite of a stellar and phenomenal starcast; he is no doubt the show stealer and delivers a powerful emotional performance. While in Don, the kool Khan has a lean mean look, he’s suave and stylish, executes some first rate action sequences and even does a hair raising stunt of jumping from a height of 15000 feet.
The promos of Don are out and Shahrukh looks absolutely amazing in his new designer and bad boy leather look. The entire shots and soundtrack have a Hollywood feel to it. Director Farhan says “We needed to shoot a one minute sequence and required a minimum height of 15000 feet high. The sequence was shot in Malaysia over a period of four to five days.” Shahrukh Khan who was operated for a back surgery in 2003 performed the daring stunt of jumping from a height of 15000 feet. There was a special team of stunt directors from California who have done many Hollywood projects who ensured the safety of superstar Shahrukh. Farhan says “Stunt Expert Joe Jennings was in charge for the sequence and he is both talented and experienced in his work. He took special care and monitored the safety of the stunts and also the beauty.”

Recently there has been a controversy surrounding Pepsi in India, it is being said that many of these aerated drinks contain a high amount of pesticides. Shahrukh is one of the biggest brand ambassadors of Pepsi in India, but despite this controversy the star claims that he has no hassle with continuing to endorse the product as well as personally consuming it. Many states in India are contemplating a ban on the sale of the product, but a final decision still has to be taken by the various centers. Shahrukh defends his brand saying “Pepsi is a quality conscious company recognized worldwide. If somebody says it contains pesticides, cola companies will definitely counter it with their facts and figures. There will definitely be a debate.”

Nonetheless Khan claims that if the product is legally banned by the government in the country he would never do something that has been legally banned. Shahrukh recently attended a media conference where he was re-signed as the brand ambassador of Tag Huer. The future advertising plans of the company were discussed and the plan for launching the limited edition of 100 pieces of the Shahrukh Khan Monaco 69 watch was unveiled. The watches will be officially launched in the market in October, there will be only 100 pieces and they will be personally signed by the king Khan. The watch worth Rs. 3 lakhs is the first of its kind to offer both digital and mechanical displays by pivoting the case.

Shahrukh is definitely making a powerful comeback and we’re sure his fans worldwide will look forward to it eagerly.