Shahrukh Khan refuses to apologize

Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan was attacked by the Shiv Sena party for his sympathetic approach towards the Pakistani players and asked for apology but King Khan stands by his remark and said that he was not apologetic for favoring Pakistani Players adding that India is a good country and everyone is welcome as a guest. He termed the activities of the party as ‘undemocratic’.

"It makes me feel that activities like this are unhealthy, undemocratic, its insensitive but this is the world is and you can only say what you believe in and stand by it and hopefully I will have the strength to do so," Khan quipped when asked about the Shiv Sena protests back home.

"As an Indian I`m not ashamed, guilty or unhappy about what I said neither am I sorry," he said.

In protest against the actor the Shiv Sena activist even banned the screening of his upcoming film, ‘My Name Is Khan’ in Mumbai.