Shahrukh Khan: People think I am effeminate

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Actor Shah Rukh Khan does everything with panache. But the recent ad campaign for a beauty soap, which always used Bollywood heroines as models, has also led to a fresh round of rumours. And SRK is aware of the buzz that says that through this move he is epitomising ‘the gay man’s fantasy.’
Ask him this and Shah Rukh says, “I found it very strange. For me, when I signed the campaign there was no analysis attached in terms of sexuality. I think it’s an over-simplification of things, because I usually don’t do anything overtly macho, so people think I am effeminate, which is OK by me.”

He further adds, “The people who talk about me don’t know me well enough. I am very happy being what I am. I don’t need to make a gesture from charity to masculinity, from goodness to meanness to prove a point to anybody. I cannot sit down and rectify people’s perceptions. Unlike earlier, when I used to get affected by such comments, today I don’t react. I am very confident about myself, my children, my family and friends. That’s what matters. I am comfortable with my inner world. The outer world will have a lot of takes on me and now, I am comfortable with even that. I don’t have to prove anything to anybody.” On why he did an ad that’s been a woman’s domain for years, SRK replies, “I don’t agree soaps are the domain of women alone, and in my house, I don’t have a special soap,” he grins.

Speaking about work, SRK says he is now waiting for the documentary made on him by Nasreen Munni Kabir, titled ‘Inner and Outer world of SRK.’ “It is very difficult to demarcate my inner and outer world. It’s the perception of the maker,” he says.

The actor is all set to go to New York to shoot for Karan Johar’s next film. All’s fine there, but how does he react to rumours that the Chopra camp and SRK have drifted apart? “We are not related to each other because of our work as people wrongly think ki char picture saath mein banayi toh close ho gaye. On the contrary, we made the films because we are close to each other. Adi and I have no problem, because we are the same age and know how things work here. But with Yashji, there’s an age gap and such rumours can get embarrassing. He is very emotional about all this. He tells me, log jab yeh sab puchte hain toh bahut sharm aati hai. We never discuss work. He calls me up and says, yeh film karni hai, and I don’t ask him further. I just do it. Even with Veer Zara, I didn’t hear the story. He asked me to do it and I did it. We never discuss money and don’t have any contracts. That’s my equation with him,” says Shah Rukh.

And what about rumours that there’s a cold war between Amitabh Bachchan and him? SRK says, “I think all this is related to the set of rumours that talk of Yash Chopra and me drifting apart. Why should anybody try to spread something like this? Who has the time? Amitji is a gentleman and everyone knows him. He is a big star, somebody who we’ve grown up watching. I respect him for that. He is a friend and so is his family. Abhishek is a close friend. Jaya aunty calls Gauri and me her children.”

Cortesy: Indiatimes