Shahrukh Khan parties with 11 beauties in Australia

Shahrukh works extremely hard and now apparently he’s even partying hard. Currently on a high with the box-office success of Don, SRK is extremely happy with the response. He’s already busy shooting for his next Yash Raj film Chak De in Australia and apart from working hard on the sets, Shahrukh was recently spotted partying the night away at a club down under with not one but 11 beautiful ladies. But hey before all you naughty minds jump to any conclusions, SRK’s partying with the cast and crew of his film which includes 11 beautiful girls whom he will be seen coaching in the sport of hockey for his film. Everyone was seen enjoying themselves till the wee hours of the morning, now that’s the least that one can expect when Shahrukh’s around.
Recently there was a book written on SRK titled ‘Still Reading Khan’ and now a series of paintings that has been titled ‘Still Painting Khan’. The painting series has been done by artist Anjanna Kuthiala who has done many series of paintings on her muse Shahrukh Khan. Her new painting series will again capture the various moods of Shahrukh done in Charcoal. However this time Anjanna has come up with another innovative idea which will have an incomplete painting titled ‘The SRK Flowering Tree’. The concept will involve celebrity guests and other SRK fans to paint a flower each on the tree for SRK. Some of the guests who will paint a flower on the tree include chief guest of the event Praful Patel, Kirron Kher, Madhur Bhandarkar and SRK’s mom-in-law Savita Chibba. Well this surely says that SRK still rocks.

Rani’s fallen ill with all the stress in Varanasi

Recently there’s been a lot of controversy surrounding Rani Mukherjee, the Bengali actress was busy shooting for her Yash Raj film tentatively titled ‘Chudiyan’ in Varanasi. However things took a turn for the worse when some media personnel and some fans in Varanasi were assaulted by Rani’s bodyguards when they tried to get too close to her. Later Rani was asked to apologise for the incident which she did. After the incident Rani also gave an interview to the media but unfortunately the actress’s forthright manner came across as sarcastic. Now various political parties are making a huge hue and cry over the incident and are also burning posters and effigies of the actress.

During the shooting of the film, a crew member also drowned and lost his life in Varanasi which has made the entire atmosphere on the sets very tense and apprehensive. However recently all this took a toll on Rani and she fell extremely ill. She is currently down with the flu and is resting and recuperating. Let’s at least hope that all this publicity in some way works in favour of the film.

Salman Khan gives little children a treat to remember

Recently when Salman was shooting for his film ‘Baabul’ in the playground of a school, he was surrounded by children. The unit was busy setting up the scene and preparing for the shot. Meanwhile Salman was patiently waiting and suddenly decided to grab a bite. Salman was placing an order for a chicken burger, when a young kid asked him if he was going to eat alone and also told him that they all liked burgers. Salman then went into his van and after a while came out with a huge package and asked his man to distribute what was in the package to everyone. Director Ravi Chopra says “I was actually surprised to see that Salman had ordered burgers for everyone. He had ordered nearly 500 burgers and gave them all away to the kids in the school. He also ordered burgers for everyone in the unit. I think Salman is a really generous person.”

The kids at the school were extremely happy with Salman’s gesture and cheered him on during his shots; Salman too further indulged his little fans by smiling and winking at them.

Bipasha Basu all set to launch her own web site

Many celebrities have launched their own website and now the Bengali actress Bips is soon to follow with her website Bipasha says “I’m launching my own website. It will be maintained entirely by me. It will have regular updates of my life, my ideas, my thoughts and my observations. Sometimes I do feel my words and thoughts don’t reach my fans the way they are meant to. The need to express myself directly to my fans was always there within me and the website will have everything about me.” Bips also plans to auction off a lot of her personal stuff through her website. She says “Every month I’ll auction away stuff like clothes etc and the proceeds will go directly to the ‘Make a Wish Foundation’.

Bips plans to make her website extremely interactive, she plans to also have many guests and friends write columns on her site. Bips is extremely excited to have a personal and direct interaction with her fans where they can personally ask her anything they like. Bips is also gearing up for one of her next films Goal, she will be taking diction classes as director Vivek Agnihotri wants her to look and sound like a Pakistani belle.

Arjun Rampal's two tattoos titled ‘Mahikaa’ and ‘Myraa’

Arjun Rampal’s relatively insignificant role in Don may have not worked wonders for his career nonetheless he remains optimistic. Rampal is busy with his first film production ‘I See You’. According to the buzz in the film industry the actor may also play a role opposite Katrina Kaif in a period film. So Arjun surely seems like he’s getting a firm foot back into the film industry. On the personal front things couldn’t be any better for the actor. The actor adores his two daughters so much that he has permanently tattooed their names ‘Mahikaa’ and ‘Myraa’ on his hands.

When Rampal was recently asked whether the tattoos were temporary or permanent, he answered that since his daughters were a permanent part of his life, the tattoos too were definitely permanent. Wife Mehr too now is a permanent part of his life, so how come there’s no tattoo with her name, Arjun?