Shahrukh Khan mildly injured in a freak accident at multiplex

Shahrukh Khan arrived at a multiplex in a suburban area to attend the music launch of the film Jai Jaganath. There were huge crowds gathered at the multiplex waiting to catch a glimpse of the star. In the usual fan mayhem, a glass door close to SRK gave way and shattered spraying the actor with fine glass shards. Although SRK was not gravely injured he did receive a few cuts. But the management immediately helped SRK and provided him with ice for his cuts. However SRK is fine and such a minor incident can barely deter the man. He later also gave autographs and posed for a few pictures.
Meanwhile it has been confirmed that both SRK’s film Om Shanti Om and Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film Saawariya will release together on November 9, the Diwali week. Earlier it was rumoured that both Shahrukh and Bhansali would be at loggerheads as both their films were releasing on the same day. But Shahrukh has put a rest to all rumours by actually sorting the matter out amicably with Sanjay. Shahrukh apparently told Bhansali that they should not higgle and haggle over minor things like release dates etc before the press. Also they were all in the same boat as they are in the same industry and there was ample of space for both films in the market. Both SRK and Bhansali agreed that both the films could do well in spite of releasing on the same date. SRK has been keen on releasing his film for Diwali as he feels it has a very festive mood and feel in keeping with the season. SRK has had many of his hit films released during the Diwali week. Last year too SRK’s Don released along with another big film, Salman’s Jaanemann.

Recently SRK has also done a guest appearance in a song for director Sajid Khan’s Hey Babyy along with Anupam Kher. The film is the director’s first directorial venture and since SRK has starred in both of his sister Farah Khan’s films, he wanted him to do a different comic song sequence in the film. SRK was more than happy to oblige Sajid Khan.