Shahrukh Khan landed in trouble

Malaysian people may like King Khan and they may watch his film in large number but when it comes to recognize him with a title, they turned furious and in protest against him, they ended up on roads. To them, Shahrukh does not deserve the title of 'Datuk' as he has done nothing to promote Malaysian culture and hardly knows anything about Malacca. Former finance minister, Tun Daim Zainuddin has recommended his name. The rationale is that Shahrukh Khan starrer 1, 2 Ka Four – was shot in Malacca and hence helped in promoting Malaysian tourism.

The President of the Artistes Association of Malaysia Mustapha Maarof said that Khan did not deserve the award. People from different background raised number of opposition in protest against the award. "I thought the award is given to those who have contributed to Malacca's development. I wonder whether Shah Rukh knows where Malacca is," Tahir, 40, was quoted as saying.

"I am happy for him but does he even know he is getting the award?" asked lawyer Nizam Bashir. Shahrukh is to attend the ceremony on Saturday where the Sultan of Malacca, Yang di Pertua Negri Tun Mohammed Khalil Yakoub is to confer the title to him along with other dignitaries on his 70th birthday. But he was in Singapore.