Shahrukh Khan is the King of Bollywood, Salman Khan

Salman Khan is really in a generous mood these days. He is throwing Eid bashes for everyone and also helping in the treatment of kids with heart conditions. Now he has praised his friend turned rival Shahrukh Khan as the 'King of Bollywood'. Although Salman has become the first actor to give seven 100 crore films in a row, he is not ready to claim himself as the number one star in the industry.

When reporters asked him whether he was the king of industry now, Salman said, “You can say whatever you want. But there is a king (hinting at Shah Rukh) anyways. You have problem with him being the King? I don't have problem with him being the king…I am mentioning (him). If he is the king, he should be the king, that is the good position.” About his own position Salman said, "I would be placing myself much behind, right now I am misplaced."

Salman has also recently addressed the speculations about not hosting ‘Bigg Boss’ this season and the chances of SRK replacing him. He said, "There is a possibility (that I may host the upcoming season of Bigg Boss) and there is no possibility also…f not me, then I think Shah Rukh Khan will be a great host for this season of Bigg Boss."

Salman’s recent release, the action thriller ‘Kick’ is doing really well at the box-office. There is a strong possibility that it may touch the 200 crore mark. The makers are claiming that the film has already grossed 147.7 crore although the reviews have been mixed. On the box office performance of ‘Kick’ Salman said, "I don't know about the business. Why talk about Rs 200 crore, talk about Rs 300 or Rs 400 crore or Rs 500 crore. We would be more than happy if the film does more business." 

Salman also denied the rumors of Karan Johar signing him and Aamir Khan for Rs. 150 crore each under his production banner. The ‘Dabang’ actor said, "Films are not making Rs 300 crore. I wish we get that much. Films are not making that much money, they are making Rs 200-250 crore, some not even touching that much. So how can our prices be that much, it is ridiculous."

Salman’s positive comments about SRK almost coincide with SRK’s recent comments. At a recent event Shahrukh Khan told reporters, "Now we meet, hug each other. There is love, friendship and everything else between us."