Shahrukh Khan hosts quiz at IIPM

It was a day of crazy excitement at IIPM. At 2 pm the badshah of bollywood Shahrukh entered the IIPM campus along with Prof.Arindam Chaudhuri. As the roof of the convertible Bentley opened and Shahrukh came out, the campus went berserk!

Placards and posters saying Shahrukh will you marry me, Shahrukh come with us to Switzerland etc gave him the kind of welcome that only he could have generated. After a brief but very witty interaction with the press, Shahrukh went straight for the quiz where more than a thousand students and guests were waiting with anticipation “Hi Shahrukh…,” shouted a 20-something young man, all clad in black, from one corner of the dimly lit quizzing hall, as the country's topmost entertainment icon walked in the quizzing arena, to host the inaugural Business and Marketing B-School Quizzing event at IIPM, New Delhi.

The audience broke into a series of applause with over 1000 IIPM students and guests chanting King Khan's name and shrieking at the top of their voice. Nothing could have been apt for an eventful start to one of the most challenging and exciting quizzing events, Dare'09, organized jointly by IIPM, the largest B-School on the planet along with 4Ps Business and Marketing, the most widely read Business and Marketing magazines in the country.