Shahrukh Khan detained at US airport: Twitter flooded with reactions

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan was detained at Los Angeles airport yet again by the US immigration department officials.

The actor tweeted about this early Friday morning and wrote, “I fully understand & respect security with the way the world is, but to be detained at US immigration every damn time really really sucks.” Taking the incident in his stride, he further tweeted, "The brighter side is while waiting caught some really nice Pokemons."

No sooner did the news of Shah Rukh’s detention spread, social media was flooded with reactions by frenzy fans of the actor.

Some users made fun of the detention and their reactions were funny:

Drunk BATMAN (@ Caped_Humor) tweeted, “US immigration has just watched FAN...they are just confirming that it's Aryan and not Gaurav. Such a realistic acting...LOL#ShahRukhKhan.”

Rohit Sharma (@ imRo45_) wrote, “#ShahrukhKhan shud carry sm DVDs of his movie "My name is Khan" so tht US Dept. cud watch n undrstnd "He may overact bt he isn't a Terrorist."

Game Over (@ richNigga_ZZ) “#ShahRukhKhan "Don Ko pakadna muskil hee nhi namumkin h" US Immigration officer: Funny. Tell us another joke.”

Some fans were miffed and condemned the incident:

Abdul khaliq Shahab (@khaliq_shahab), a resident of Karachi, Pakistan tweeted, “Sir @ BarackObama felt proud to add #ShahRukhkhan sir's dialogue in his speech and now #LosAngeles police think he is a criminal.#Kuchsekho.”

Ashok Garekar (@ DrGarekar) wrote, “#India ought to call off its Ambassador & close its Embassy in USA as mark of protest against repeated subhuman harassment of #ShahRukhKhan.”

Farahnaz Ispahani (@ fispahani) tweeted, “This is pathetic on so many levels... Millions of Americans know this superstar #ShahRukhKhan @ usimmigsupport.”

Several others took the opportunity to criticise the actor for his “extreme intolerance” comment he made on his birthday in November last year.  

Sashank Soni wrote, “Intolerance reached US immigration office. gotta catch them all. Pokemon go go go.”

Anurag Singh (@ The_IT_Pro) tweeted, “Mr. SRK, where is that intolerence that you talked about ? Ha #ShahRukhKhan.”

Kapil Gautam (@ kapilgautam09) wrote, “@ imsrk Bro now u got meaning of intolerance?”

Rajashekhar Polapraga (@ helpyoursociety) wrote, “now when he is detained at US airport, SRK will understand what is intolerance!”