Shahid, Vidya disconnect with music launch

Kismet KonnectionThe main two protagonists of Kismat Konnection, Vidya Balan and Shahid Kapoor spilled water on its music launch when they arrived late at the event. The duo arrived two hours late and by the time they arrived, everything concluded. The affair turned to be a dull one and media missed opportunity to interact with the stars.

The event was to start at 8.30 pm but both Vidya and Shahid arrived together around 10:30 pm and had given two different excuses. The bad weather thunder and strong winds had further spoiled the occasion. Vidya dressed in an inky blue dress, black peep-toes and diamond ear-rings entered the venue and tried to normalize the situation with her bright smile. Her excuse was heavy traffic, while, Shahid in sequinned T-shirt with butterfly-like creatures embossed on it said he does not have idea about the exact timing.

Shahid, Vidya arrived at the venue together but had given different excuses and played spoil sports. Whatever be the secret of their no show but it is really a surprising matter that how the music launch of such a hyped film spoiled away.