Shahid reveals how important was Bebo

Five years of relationship and then a break-up, Shahid Kapur and Kareena Kapoor have now moved on in life. Though Shahid always remained tight-lipped as what went wrong in their relationship, he revealed that Kareena Kapoor had been his support system.

It was Farah Khan who made Shahid to speak about his past relationship with Kareena Kapoor on the chat show, ‘Tere Mere Beech Mein’. Talking about dating Bebo, he says, “I was already knowing that she was Raj Kapoor's grand-daughter, her sister was Karisma Kapoor. I had danced behind Karisma in "Dil to Pagal hai" even I knew that this will be a big issue."

When Farah popped the question that whether it was his repeated flop that sour their relationship. To it Shahid responded, "She had become my support system. I think emotionally also that she had become my support system, so there was no chance like that. The real things in life is relationship only, success and failure when comes and goes we didn't remembers. Relationship is that thing, they stand by you with time so you have to give priority to your relationship."